What the Critics Are Saying


"...Sold out concert at Carnegie's Weill Recital Hall... Fantastic pianist, enchanting and elegant."
Joe Franklin - WOR "Memory Lane"

"Terrific pianist."
June Le Bell - WQXR Classical Station

"Lana Reign is a brilliant pianist who commits to excellence with every note."
John Hogland - Backstage, New York

"Magical music."
Michael Feinstein

"A poet, as I am, can only hope for such music in words."
Susan Kingsolving - "The White Eyelash"

"Lana is bewitching, listen to her pianistics - she's merely marvelous."
Gary Stevens - WVOX


What the Listeners Are Saying


"Lana, you are always so beautiful in yourself and in your glorious artistry! With love, Lily Tomlin."
Lily Tomlin

"An enchantment from another world, different time."
Poema Kelly - Tahiti / French Polynesia

"What a joy and what sorrow you must have known. Every note you play as if the music were life one could breath."
Christina Malina

"Lana, your music is as exquisite as any Botticelli painting."
Rosemary T.

"What a professionalism, what a depth, your music penetrates into each cell of my soul and makes me happy."
Genia G.

"Tears of joy, you mesmerize me!"
Letti M.

"While Lana is playing you don't want to breathe, because you don't want to miss a note."
Missi W.

"Your CD is a piece of art going into my collection."
Rena T.

"Yes, Lana reigns. You are a gift of extra ordinary lusciousness... your profoundly beautiful music touches my heart deeply. I love you."
Shennon W.

"Your CD swept me off my feet- no words to describe the feelings, just an ocean of joy. I put it on my iPod, I listen to it when I go to sleep and when I wake up. Thanks a million."
Vlad E.

"I find myself feeling very nostalgic and going back in time, what a wonderful selection."
Antonia H.

"I am very impressed, how beautiful is your CD I am just overwhelmed with  the artistry and the art. Love all the songs. The whole world should listen to it!"
Kira S.

"I took a moment out of being a " real malevo " and I listened to your beautiful CD, I love every song that you have chosen, thanks for the beauty in it."
Carlos R. L.

"Lana, you are a beautiful, talented, wonderful artist. Thank you so much for your magnificent CD, not only is the playing beautiful but the whole package is very classy and very marvelous. You must be proud of yourself."
Brandon M.

"Wow! What a glamorous performance, the whole thing is terrific"
Al S.

"What a surprise, an amazing music beautiful design and selection, lots of pleasure- listening daily. Congratulation!"
Ani S.

"When listening to your CD I was reliving those movies. It also brought back the memories of your recital in Carnegie's Weill Recital Hall-the unified atmosphere of love, excitement and emotion."
Mara T.

"What a remarkable treasure, your CD gives me so much joy, thank you, God bless you."
Medea T.

"I was listening to your CD in our car and had to pull off and park to let my tears run free."
Jennifer F.

"We are totally enchanted by your music. Your interpretation and phrasings are the perfect balance between intelligence and romance."
Molly M.

"Thank you for being part of my soul healing."
David L.

"It is very special to find magic and your music is magical."
Valeria S.

"I think you are amazing and wonderFul !! A truly bright star!! Thank you for sharing your gift- that power and grace and beauty that is you."
Dylan L.

"Your music is magical, a gift from heaven."
Ilona B.

"Lana, you have given sunlight to my soul."
James E. W.

"Lana, thanks for the exquisite sounds that generates and sustains a sentimental mood."
Kristin J.

"Your music sends chills down my spine."
Janet N.

"Your music touches the heart and the soul. May you always touch your audience with your great gift of music."
Dr. Arkady K.

"Fire, passion, beauty, pain, and words that have not been thought of. The uncontrollable need to dance, cry, laugh, make love"
Art & Judy C.

"Your music takes my breath away and plays the strings of my heart. More than once did I shed a tear of happiness for the beauty of your translation of the music."
Darren H.

"...Your music, your paradisos,
Your love poured
out upon the keys
Waited in my keeping
For a moment when
Both my saint and
I am who no saint
Should hear and
Only now appreciate
Listen to the
Metronome. It keeps a
Tempo. Moonbeams and
Butterflies do the same.
Until the perfect time
Brings both
The lights of night
and wings of day
into our lives."

You make the world a more beautiful place.

John F.


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